Fourth Grade

There are two fourth grade classes at HES. Click on the following teacher name to see what is happening within the classroom.

Mrs. Bratton

Mrs. Mistretta

Virginia History

Our state is amazing and so full a American history! This year we will begin by learning about the geography of our great state. We'll study the 5 physical regions and be able to describe each, as well as important water features of our state. We will then move on to studying the first Americans, the American Indians that lived in our state. We will hit many interesting topics that are important to our history. This year will be packed with information that your child will need help remembering. You can help them by talking to them about we are studying in class. We will also be highlighting notes and making flipbooks and foldables that can be used for review with you and your child.

While in third grade, students worked on mastering the multiplication facts. This is a very important skill in fourth grade. If your child is lacking in any of these skills, please help them master multiplication. This year we will be hitting decimal place value, rounding, addition, subtraction, estimation. We'll also be working on larger multiplication problems (342 x 53) and larger division (8,577 / 9). Fractions were introduced and worked with somewhat in third grade, but this year we will be comparing unlike fractions (2/3 > 3/5), ordering lists of fractions, and adding and subtracting unlike fractions. We will cover many other topics throughout the year. Our notes will be in a pre-printed "math folder" with examples worked out for help, if needed at home. We will also offer a choice of math textbook, CD, or online version.

Reading and Language Arts
We're looking forward to a new and exciting year in fourth grade! The best piece of advise for fourth graders, no matter what skill level, is to read, read, read. We all love to read those fantastic fiction stories that movies are made of, but what about those fact-filled non-fiction books? All skill levels would benefit tremendously from picking up a non-fiction book, magazine, or even newspaper article and discussing it with others around. Set yourself a goal this at least an equal number of non-fiction books as fiction books. You'll be amazed at the results! 
4th Grade Science

This year will be exciting in science. Ecosystems, habitats, electricity, motion, energy, magnetism, natural resources, plants, solar system, and planets are among the items we'll be studying. Your child will not be taking a science SOL test this year.....but at the end of their 5th grade year they will be tested on what they've learned this year as well as in 5th grade. Please keep this in mind as you go through papers at home and put any science related items in a safe place so that your child will have them to review throughout 5th grade. We will be taking their 4th grade binders at the end of the year and save them for your children. When they start reviewing in the 5th grade the notes will be returned to use with review activities.

General Information

Please be sure to come to class prepared with all materials. It is very important that you complete all homework assignments (as well as classwork) and turn them in on time. Failure to do so will result in reduced free recess time. As we approach SOL testing in May, it is more and more important to buckle down on truely reviewing both SCIENCE and HISTORY topics covered this year.
Please remember to have your planner signed each night.








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