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Destiny Quest

When can I check out books?  
The library is open before school and throughout the day on Monday - Wednesday.  Check out is welcome anytime on those days.  Thursday and Friday are class days, so you can check out a book when you are in the library for class.

Library Classes:
The library, through the use of books and multimedia materials, is vital to the school program. All classes will have one regularly scheduled library period each week. Instruction on the use of the library and enrichment will be provided for grades PK-5. Teachers may also schedule time for research and other activities during non-scheduled library periods.

What will you learn in library class?
Students will be taught the responsibility for keeping the library neat and clean and the materials in good condition. Lost or damaged books will be paid for. The basic rules of the library should be kept at all times to enable the program to be successful. The hours are 7:25 am - 2:30 pm.

Information on book check out:
Students may check out books for 1 week at a time with the opportunity to renew them. A student may return books before the date due and check out more. There will be no fines on overdue books but students will be denied the privilege of checking out a book until the overdue book is returned.

Accelerated Reader (AR)

Each nine weeks, students have an opportunity to earn points in the AR program.  The following standards must be met to earn rewards.

a.      Students will be required to have an 80% comprehension rate to attend parties and events.  The motivation for the students may be getting to attend the events, but having this standard causes the students to gain reading skill!

***No matter how many quizzes are taken and how many points are earned, the 80% pass rate must be maintained.

b.     Each grade level will also have a specific number of points that they must reach to qualify for the end of the nine weeks event.  These are done by grade level.


1st nine weeks

2nd nine weeks

3rd nine weeks

End of year


3 points

5 points

8 points

10 points


5 points

10 points

15 points

20 points


7.5 points

15 points

22.5 points

30 points


10 points

20 points

30 points

40 points


12.5 points

25 points

37.5 points

50 points

c.       Point goals must be met by the end of the nine week grading period except for the end of the year.  The end of the year celebration will be determined as the year draws to a close.

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