The Parent Teacher Association has been highly involved to help improve our school at Huddleston Elementary. All parents are urged to become members and to actively participate. Meetings are scheduled five times during the school year and they are announced several weeks in advance. Each year the PTA sponsors several moneymaking projects. With the help of all parents, these projects can be successful. They allow the PTA to fund many important activities at the school.

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HES PTA Welcome Back Letter
PTA 2016-17 Schedule

President Angela Myers  434-485-1780

2105 Orrix Creek Rd

Evington, VA 24550

Vice-President DeAnna Broggin 434-473-0484

Secretary Laurie Pringle

Treasurer Keri Williams  304-575-7189

Membership Liz Mitchell  434-610-8622

Membership  Amy Hicks 434-444-3222

By-Laws Regina Newman 540-875-8449

Reflections Kimberly Hancock 434-610-5334

Hospitality Ashley Harris 540-330-4205
Room Mothers Heather Laughon 434-258-4376

Birthday Recognition Kerri Worrell 434-942-8550

Box Tops/Labels Annette Jenkins 540-297-5144