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Welcome to Kindergarten!
I am your teacher, Mrs. Crowder.

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Parents: This web page will be used to keep you informed on current classroom events and any updates that may occur. Updates will occur weekly.
*Please continue to check Class Dojo for new posts and suggestions to support your child’s education while at home.
You may also use the sites and activities posted below to keep your child’s mind engaged for the remainder of the year.

I will be checking in with you weekly to see how things are going and to offer support when needed. If you need to connect me you can do so on Class Dojo or through my school email:

The following are suggestions for continuing your child’s learning at home while in this transitional period. 
                                                    WE CAN DO THIS!!
            "Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the
             whole staircase." – Martin Luther King, Jr.

WEEKLY UPDATES:  Kindergarten "Weekly Assignments" can be accessed under the Assignments Tab. You can print these out, I can email them or you can pick up a copy.  Just let me know!

If you would like to order a yearbook the deadline is May 8th. 
You can order online or drop off the order form in the school mailbox. For online orders go to and enter the code 13576720. If you drop your order by the school mailbox, please include a check (no cash) made out to HES for $15 with your order form or slip of paper with the student name included and preferably put in a Ziploc bag in case it rains. By extending the deadline, we will probably receive the yearbook in June so this may be something that has to be picked up during the summer or passed out when students return. The deadline for ordering the yearbook is May 8th.   
*Picture Updates: 
Spring Picture Access & Ordering Process
To get the Portrait ID and Access Code, you have 2 options.
1. Call 1-800-736-4753 (Option 6) or
2. Go to and in the bottom left corner click on the "LIVE CHAT" button.
Once you have the 2 codes, please follow the steps below to access the pictures.
• Go to and enter the Portrait ID.
• Once you enter the Portrait ID, then the Access Code and Last Name box will open up for entry.
• Click on “Order More Portraits or Products”
• A box will appear with your child’s proof, along with their name and grade. Click on “Confirm & Continue”
• You are now ready to Shop & Order.
• Click on PHOTOS & GIFTS and start your order.
If you have questions, please use the Live Chat Function or call 1-800-736-4753.
All orders will be shipped to the home address that you provide during the order.

Reading: Kindergarten SOLS 010/stds_englishk.pdf

Your child needs to “
read daily” and discuss what has been read. Use the books sent home previously or the online sources below to further develop strategic reading skills in the areas of : rhyming, phonemic awareness (letters/letter sounds), phonics (blending sounds to make words ) and fluent reading.

(a) Your child will
instantly recognize and be able to correctly print/say all 26 letters/sounds
(b) Your child will be able to
blend letters in order to make words
(c) Your child will practice to develop reading fluency using a “
talking voice” instead of a robot voice
(d) Your child can
answer questions about what is read
(e) Your child will develop a
love for reading!

Online  Resources: 
IXL Language Arts:   (Bedford County IXL site) 
sign-ins and passwords are on Class Dojo. Copies were sent home and I can also email them.)
*Continue working through the Kindergarten standards until completed. I receive “daily updates” on your child's progress and can make suggestions for remediation when needed.
This site is being offered for free for a designated time. 
Raz-Kids delivers hundreds of interactive, leveled eBooks spanning 29 levels. Students can read and take quizzes. 
I have posted the sign-in information on our Dojo page. -short_vowels-aug2016.pdf 

Sight Words:

Videos: -ElQz4Xn6l3ibdOYRxxZxmYRWu

Math : Kindergarten SOLS

Goals: Your child will be able to:
 (a) recognize/sort groups of objects up to 20
(b) count forwards up to 100 and backwards from 10-0
(c) can correctly write and form all their numbers
(d) create and solve addition/subtraction problems both horizontally and vertically (e) understand equal portions that can be shared (f) identify coins and their value/count individually (g)use a calendar (h) use above, below, next to when telling where an object is (i) recognize and name shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle)
(j) compare objects by shape, size (smaller, larger)
(i) create patterns and continue patterns

Your child will need continual reinforcement on number recognition and counting. The following sites will aid your reinforcement of all essential math skills at home: 

IXL Math: Bedford County IXL
*Continue working through the Kindergarten standards until completed.
I receive “daily updates” on your child's progress and can make suggestions for remediation when needed. (We had just begun the sections on addition and subtraction)
-Continue working your way through the two math workbooks I sent home earlier with your child

Videos: 9CH36Ayx631

Jack Hartman video channel "Kid's Favorite" 
*I posted a free, 150 page math workbook on Dojo as well as other very useful sites and resources 

Science/Social Studies: Kindergarten SOLS

Social Studies: ocialscience/

Science: ndex.shtml

Goal:  To find unique and creative ways to explore your family, your home, your backyard and the world around you! Have fun with this!!
*These were our final Science SOLS:
a)  materials and objects can be used over and over again
b)  ev
eryday materials can be recycled
c)  water and energy conservation at home and in school helps ensure resources are       
     available for future use.
*These were our final Social Studies SOLS:
a)  The student will match simple descriptions of work that people do with the names of those jobs.
b)  The student will a) recognize that people make choices because they cannot have everything they want;
b) explain that people work to earn money to buy the things they want. 

Science: -websites/

Social Studies: -websites/

Project Based Activities for the Whole Family 
                           (No Internet Required)

Learning at Home:  Parents and families can support students’ thinking and learning during extended school closures in the following ways:
 ■ Collaborate with your child to organize the day to include time for learning, activities and exercise.
■ Read to and with your child and have conversations about what you have read together.
■ Take a walk and ask about what your child is seeing and about being a good citizen.
■ Encourage critical thinking through cooking together or planning a garden.
■ Encourage conversations about mathematics in your child’s day.
■ Explore your child’s creativity by creating art, music, or dance.
■ Write a letter to a family member or friend or community hero.
■ Be mindful of screen time and have alternatives for children to play outside.
■ Listen to your child about his or her feelings and fears and offer comfort, honesty, and reassurance
■ Start a project together. Share it to Dojo!
■ Start a journal about the things you are doing and learning. Number and date your pages. Sign your name at the end of your entries.
■ Write letters and mail them to friends or family
■ Nature walks and scavenger hunts
■ In-house scavenger hunts
■ Play card games that encourage adding or comparing numbers
■ Find letters/words on items in your home
■ Alphabetize your canned goods
■ Make a calendar and put down one fun thing you did on each day
■ Read a book to a stuffed animal or younger sibling
■ Practice writing your ABCs or sight words
■ Practice with magnetic letters learning your alphabet and making   
■ Write your own story! Read it to your family
■ Count how many items are in your house until you get to 100!
■ Family Cooking! Help read the recipe and measure the ingredients. Set a timer!
■ Do a good deed for someone in your family or write a thank you note for someone
■ Travel in your imagination and talk about the things you think you would see and 
■ Do brain breaks
■ Science experiments using things in your house with an adult
■ Read! Read! Read!
■ Enjoy your time with your family. Smile!
■ Post to your Dojo Portfolio what you have been doing! 

Additional Activities that do not require internet access: 

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