Activities and Resources for Extended Absence

Should your child ever be absent for an extended amount of time and you are unable to retrieve work from school, read through these activities for how to help your child stay on track.

Suggested Activities:
1. Choose a book you want to read and spend 20 minutes reading.  You can read to your parents, siblings, or stuffed animals.  Parents - you can read with your child as well.
2. Free Writing - make a journal and write about your daily activities.
3. Build something new out of recyclable materials.  Be creative!
4. Sudoku puzzles, crossword puzzles, word searches for kids can be found online!
5. Flash cards - if you don't have them, make some!  
6. Practice your math skills, including two-digit addition and subtraction, estimating sums and differences.
7. Go on a shape hunt in your house - can you find things that are circles, spheres, squares, cubes, rectangles, or rectangular prisms.
8.  Find 10 things in your home that have a line of symmetry.
9.  Got a chocolate bar? Use it to break apart and build fractions!
10.  Use household items to build a plant from root to flower and label the parts, including roots, stem, leaves, and flower.  Share your design with your parents!
11. Become a Producer and make homemade ice cream.  (recipe at:  You are making a good and your parents can be the consumer!
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